Time goes fast, First time I went to Tagong, it was four years ago, I met Sofi and Iwan, Sofi was a director and photographer and Iwan was a painter, they came to Tagong to teach children to paint, they had been to more than 50 countries, helped a lot of children to paint and feel the colorful world.
Sofi's smile was contagious,you could see something from her eyes, soft and warm made people feel comfortable

when I know they wanted to help children to parint, but they don't know much about Chinese, without any hesitation I decided to help sofi and Iwan, It was destined to be an unusual trip,I knew Sofi'smile, Iwan's kindness...
They made me learn a lot in that journey.

After a few years, I found out that Iwan had been speaking in TED to Call for more people to draw attention to children's painting, he had won my full admire.

Second time travel to Tagong, the sky was pure and beautiful, it reminded me of Sofi and Iwan, I went to Tagong with my friends, but Unfortunately, I met Rhiannon, she was like an evil who had stolen my ererything,

She was wondering in the town's street alone, before this,she walked two hours from Angela's hotel to Tagong town. She was quite different, like quietness reading and hiking, Like a small daisy in the valley, I wanted to know more about her,I went to the Angela and stayed there for one night, I wanted to stay there long to experience horse riding with them, but my vacation was coming to an end, ended up with pity, I finished my Second time travel to Tagong

I want to be great now, to learn more experience more and prepare more about future. not for money, but for freedown, Like Rhiannon's tattoo.