chmod 命令中常用的linux文件权限:
444 r--r--r--
600 rw-------
644 rw-r--r--
666 rw-rw-rw-
700 rwx------
744 rwx--r---
755 rwx-xr-x-
777 rwxrwxrwx

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Life calculator

Life calculator was writed by JS and HTML, it could calculate how many years and days that you have lived in your life
I writed two bugs in this Mini program

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Web app的兼容性



Second time travel to Tagong


Time goes fast, First time I went to Tagong, it was four years ago, I met Sofi and Iwan, Sofi was a director and photographer and Iwan was a painter, they came to Tagong to teach children to paint, they had been to more than 50 countries, helped a lot of children to paint and feel the colorful world.
Sofi's smile was contagious,you could see something from her eyes, soft and warm made people feel comfortable

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